Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Grand Tofu

Location: 102 Kingsway, Glen Waverley
Signature Dish: Yong Tofu
Pro-tip: Ask for thin egg noodles (not on display)

Similar to my previous post, there are more than one Grand Tofus (Grand Tofii? Grands Tofu?).  The original (and in my opinion the best) used to be just down the road next to Glen Waverley station.  That was the Grand Tofu I was brought up on, but, as we all know good things never last, so they have closed down and moved to Flemington to make way for an apartment building.

I believe that the Grand Tofu is an offshoot or a franchise or something, which originates in Melbourne's CBD, called the Grand BBQ, but that is a matter for another post on another day.

Now the original Grand Tofu had a walk-up-and-order kind of deal going on, but no. 2 does things slightly differently and takes a more conventional restaurant approach to ordering.  The dish you come here for is called the Yong Tofu, which has the no. 888 on the menu.  Its a highly customisable dish where you get to choose a soup (Tom Yum, Curry, Clear), a noodle type (from the 3 or 4 on display - typically hokkien, rice, teardrop or vermicilli) and 6 dumplings from the display.  Pro-tip: you can also get thin egg noodles, if that's your thing, just ask for it and they will hook you up.

Tom-yum, thin egg noodles, and 8 dumplings.   The big one is eggplant.
Clear soup in the background. 
Dumplings range from steamed won-ton types to fried, to crispy skins to fish-stuffed eggplant.  You get 6, but if thats too difficult, extra dumplings can be had for a small fee.  My record is 13.  I heartily recommend the tom-yum soup.  When I go to The Grand (as I like to call it), I tend to assume that you will be looked down upon with contempt by the staff if you order more than one of the same dumpling.  I'm sure this is not actually the case (or is it?), but nevertheless, I believe it is bad form to do this.

On each table at The Grand, is a small tub of Sambal.  This is a mild chilli paste, which is, for lack of a better word, AWESOME.  It kind of makes me feel that everything in my bowl, while flavoursome in its own right, is merely a vessel for more sambal.  This is a good thing (tm).

I've probably ranted a bit too much about this place, but I think it is well justified.  The service is OK, however they have screwed up my order a couple of times.  I still go back there, though.  2 Thumbs up.

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