Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nam Loong

Now the main TFYP here (Trap For Young Players) is to remember that there are two of these.  One at 171 Russell and another at 223.  While i'm sure 171 is very good, and will likely be the subject of a future post, we will today focus on 223, which I affectionately refer to as 'the pork bun place'.  Perhaps they sell other stuff, who knows... you go there for the steamed pork/sausage/combination/chicken/whatever buns.

Nice Buns.
Now we have that terrible pun out of the way, we can get to the juicy meat filling of this article.  The buns are awesome.  You walk past and see the image above - this place is clearly about buns and lots of them.  Don't let this fool you, they don't sacrifice quality for quantity here.  There are two multi-tiered MASSIVE steamers sitting directly behind the counter full of (i'd assume) many of everything.  I heartily recommend the roast pork - to me it feels like their signature bun, but just about everything i've tried there is damn flavoursome.  The combination bun is also good in the size department.

Now I first discovered this place thanks to a friend of mine.  When we first went there I was not properly briefed and i thought it'd be OK to sit down.  Turns out thats not cool.  You have to pay extra for the privilege.  At least there's a sweet camping shop next door with a big window display that you can look at while you chow down on your eats.

I would definitely go here again.  Gets 2 thumbs up.

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