Monday, December 12, 2011

Bambinos Kebabs

Location: Corner High Street Road + Warrigal Road, Ashburton, vic
Signature Dish: Kebabs
Pro-Tip: Chilli sauce and double meat
Cost: < $10
Score: 8/10

So I was at the work Christmas party the other night and the food there was, uh, less than awesome.  In my eyes, this is generally a good thing. I mean, who has ever been satisfied meal-wise at a function.  No-one.  That's who.  So after getting somewhat of my drink on, it was kebab time.  Luckily, I remembered a van that i'd always wanted to go to on the corner of Warrigal and High Street Road in Ashburton.

Nestled snugly in a church carpark, with some bible propaganda on its front when it's closed, is what I referred to as Jesus kebabs.  I now know that it is actually called Bambinos kebabs.  Staffed only by one man, who may or may not be Bambino himself, they serve up Kebabs to victims of bad food at functions up until late.  Ordering is made simple with Bambino passing you a wrapper and a pen - simply mark off what you want in your kebab.

Usually when trying a new kebab stand (or any fine eating establishment for that matter) I like to go for the standard, middle of the road meal. No fancy stuff, just so I can get a baseline for the quality of the place.  This is a rule I follow most of the time.  Not at bambinos.  While passing on the cheese (an abomination if you ask me) I couldn't pass up the double meat.  And the chilli sauce.  I always get chilli sauce, so thats my baseline.

I'm not sure if it was my (slightly) drunken state, but this kebab was great.  Helped along by the very amusing worried shouts by the misso (driving at the time) to not get any on the car seat.  For, you see dear reader, I was eating this in the car.  The meat was juicy and while not strictly lamb, it was doner and delightful.  Not once did I get a mouthful of only salad, quite the opposite a lot of mouthfulls were meat heavy, which is a good thing (tm).  The chilli sauce didn't overpower and complimented the garlic nicely.  Definitely a good place to stop if you are in the area and need to get your lamb on.

On that note, I leave  you with my rules of a good kebab:
1. Needs to be after a night out
2. Needs to ruin a perfectly good pair of pants
3. There should be a pile of kebab debris on the floor after you have finished eating
4. You need to be able to taste it the next day.

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