Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crazy Wing

Location: 269 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley
Cost: Around $1.50 per serve. Around $15 per meal.
Score: 7.5/10

Around the corner from the main drag of Kingsway is Crazy Wing.  An unassuming shop facing Springvale Rd. I believe that these sort of places, away from the main bulk of the foot traffic, need to rely on their food a little more to get people to make the journey.  Luckily, Crazy Wing did not disappoint.

Upon sitting down, you are presented with an ordering sheet.  Just put a number next to whatever you want to signify  how many you want.  For chicken wings, a serve is two.  Since it was our first time, and we were informed that every wing on the menu (with the exclusion of the crazy wing) was half price, we elected to go on what we refer to as a 'Chicken Wing Journey'.  That is, a serve of each.  In addition to this, we decided to double up on the crazy wing, a move which (pleasingly) the waiter advised us against.  'It's too hot' she said.  'Are you sure??' - of course we were sure.  

From memory the wings are:
  • Original - A good all-round wing
  • Honey - The honey glaze caramelized somewhat making this one of the stand-out wings
  • Pepper - Some pepper powder on the wing - not really my favourite
  • Curry - Curry powder on the wing
  • Garlic - Minced garlic - hells yeah
  • Lobster - Couldn't really notice much of a taste on this
  • Hot Spicy - Little bit of chilli powder
  • Spicy Chilli - Considerably more chilli powder, or some chilli powder blend
  • Crazy Wing - A crazy amount of hot.
  • Skimmed wing - no idea what this was. I think it's main use is to cool down the crazy from the preceding wing.

Some wings!

So as you may expect, we struggled through our crazy wings.  They were very hot.  Don't think going the double was wise, but at least now I feel like I have achieved something.  Out of the four people at our table, two of us finished our Crazy's, one had only one serve, and one refused to touch them.  These hot wings are worth the trip out for novelty value alone.

By the end of our Chicken Wing Journey, I had consumed no less than 24 wings.  I've never had a meal consisting of just chicken wings before, and after this, I probably won't again.  It's not because they were bad or anything - on the contrary, they were nice.  It's just too much greasy chicken...

My only criticism of Crazy Wing would be that the seasoning is added after the wings are cooked (with the possible exception of the honey wing). This makes most of the wings quite similar in flavour, once you get past the flavoursome exterior.

I have since been back for a Crazy Wing with some other friends.  On their own, Crazy Wings make a great snack.  They just aren't meal-worthy.  There are other items on the menu which we didn't delve into, though, so this could be quite a viable option for future lunch or dinners.  It certainly seems packed around dinner time.

If you are looking for a good chilli challenge - hit the Crazy Wings.

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